Dermatologists. celebrities and beauty editors—everyone tells you the importance of a good sunscreen. It’s almost a sin to step out of your home without slathering one. But there are too many myths about sunscreens, here are some corrections for you.


  • Waterproof sunscreen protects skin in water.
    We generally happen to slather sunscreen just before take a dip in the pool or sea? Surely you emerge out with white and red patches. Waterproof sunscreen is never waterproof. Once wet, it will eventually rub off. Hence, one can opt for ‘water-resistant’ sunscreens, as they tend to stay on for longer. But it is still needed to reapplied every hour.
  • The higher the SPF the safer you are.
    Not exactly, the SPF number has nothing to do with the level of UV protection. It only helps you to be protected for a longer time before you start turning red. For example, SPF 30 means you have 30 times longer until you turn into a tomato than if you wore nothing.
  • SPF foundation is enough.
    There are many foundations and BB creams that come with SPF, but there still is need to wear a sunscreen underneath. Unless, you want to dab on your foundation to get enough SPF. You should avoid doing that blunder, nobody wants to look cakey. Keep it simple by applying sunscreen under makeup.
  • Expensive sunscreen means better protection.
    This one is completely untrue. To claim an SPF number, sunscreen has to pass through a strict regulation test. The only difference is that expensive sunscreen might use other ingredients for added skin benefits. But if you are only looking for sun protection, then an inexpensive sunscreen will work as good as the expensive one and solve your purpose.

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