Exam stress affects students in many ways. Stress up to certain extent is good for exams but too much stress becomes harmful for health and exams. It is important to manage this stress and find out the way to burn out from stress. Here are some handy tips that can help to dissipate stress.
1. Make Time Table and proper schedule for studies during exams.
A well planned time table is a key to success. Devoting more time to difficult areas in studies is necessary. On the other hand the topics which we understand well also needs revision so that the full syllabus is managed well. It is advisable not to drain out full energy and time on the problematic topic when you are fully energetic and fresh try it again and take help of yours teachers and peers.
2. Take a break regularly
Your brain can concentrate properly for 40-50 minutes at a stretch and you should take the break of 15-20 minutes to rejuvenate yourself. You can take favourite meals in breaks, watch good TV shows for limited time, take a nap etc.
3. Exercise well
Exercise is the best way to deal with your exam stress and remain fit both physically and mentally. Do activities like walking, cycling, swimming, playing outdoor games. It boost energy level.
4. Practice Sample Papers
Sample papers are good drill to attempt the paper well. It gives ideas and practice for exams.
5. Highlights the points in practice book.
Must highlight the important points. It will be helpful for revision during exam days.
6. Sleep well.
Good and sound sleep refesh our mind and body. Eight to ten hours sleep is necessary for all. Good sleep improves thinking and concentration.
7. Eat healthy and hygienic food
During exam days, you should avoid street food, junk food. Home cooked food is best in terms of hygiene and health. Dont eat heavy food and try to eat light food and non oily. A balanced diet keeps the energy level up and keep us active and stress free during exams.

8. Relaxations
If you are feeling anxious and stressed find, quit space and breathing deeply in and out for a few minutes then focus your mind on something pleasant like pleasing memories, nature and beautiful places that makes you feel happy.
9. Revise Regularly
According to schedule revise your syllabus regularly and thoroughly and split the syllabus in parts and revise it one by one.

10. Teachers help
Teachers play an important role in dealing with problematic areas of students . Students should make a list of their queries regarding exam and should consult their concerned teachers for cleaning their doubts.

Counsellor’s role
Counsellor play an important role in dealing with students personal and academic issues . Students can seek the help from Counsellor like making time table for studies, healthy diet etc. Students should feel free to cofide their any kind of problem and can seek various tips to feel stress free during exams.
Parents role
Parents should adopt flexible attitude towards their children during exams. Parents should not compel their children to do household jobs and should encourage them to devote their time to studies. Parents should not compare their children to others and not to force or pressurise their children for marks only. They should motivate and encourage their child to think about their goals in life. Parent should provide a stress free, peaceful and happy environment.

(Gurjinder kaur)
Govt. High School
Kajheri, Chandigarh.

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