About NationalBuzz

National Buzz is an innovative news startup that understands what exactly people are looking for in a news website. National Buzz has positioned its national level infrastructure at regional scale. At National Buzz, we focus on providing regular news from all regions covering various categories. Our main aim is to select the most important information people are looking for.

We are, actually, a group of industrialists who while working found that common man is so busy that he cannot take out time to read a newspaper daily. Additionally, we are aware that every second there is fresh news which people miss because of their busy schedule.

To keep people updated with latest news and information, Mr. Ramnik Mongia has come up with an amazing idea. People nowadays are busy but their smartphones are present at one arm distance throughout the day. They are busy but still have time to check their phones. Our main motive is to keep people in the loop with all fresh news on-the-go.

With National Buzz app, people will be able to see all latest updates that interest them. Our target is to offer authentic, fresh, crisp and fast news and information, especially from Punjab. The entire credit of bringing this fresh idea in the field of journalism goes to Mr. Ramnik Mongia. He is committed to providing credible, true and fast news that benefits all readers.