Holi is not only a festival of colour and love, but few people bear in their mind lot more as the name of Holi strikes their brain tissues. Bhang. The most common form of drink being taken during Holi festival just to elevate the level of celebration. As it is made of leaves of plant which are banned, though, but the consumption isn’t stopped yet. But, now another matter to contemplate is that, Bhang is kept out of the list of plants that are banned. So you may enjoy your festivals with it, but know the side effects before it.
The intake may let you feel pleasant and high at the same time. But, it adds to the body health if taken uncontrolled. Too much of intake will result in high heart rate. There also encrypt a feeling of cold and continuous sweat which is as unpleasant as anything. People tend to feel it ugly and it seems as if they are dying.
Also, the person may look havibg hiccups and stammering while speaking. It’s all because of the side effects of Bhang. If you initiate certain precautions then the side effects can be avoided. You must not take it empty stomach and do not consume it at unfamiliar place that if ever you faint, you will be at your home or at a known place. By the way, any patient or heart patients should totally restrict taking it.

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