Capt. Amrinder led Congress Govt responsible for the victims to live as refugees and sit on hunger strike – Kainth Indefinite Hunger strike continues on 4th day, State govt. Still folding a blind eyes towards the plight of the victims – NSCA Committee for the Welfare of Scheduled Castes community made by the MLA’s should investigate the matter swiftly – Kainth

Chandigarh, December 24th – Continuing the 4th day of their indefinite hunger strike, families of 2 villages in Patiala district, Shergarh and Atalan, led by National Scheduled Castes Alliance President Paramjit Singh Kainth, demanded to the State Government to accept their demands and vowed to continue their strike for as long as it takes to achieve justice.

Blaming the State Government led by Capt. Amrinder Singh for not taking proactive steps to tackle with social boycott of Scheduled castes in villages, discrimination with poor and also not investigating crimes against the community, Victims of 2 different incidents both by big land lords of their villages, families of Shergarh and Atalan village in Patiala district, which incidentally is the home district of the CM, sat on hunger strike on 21st december to demand justice and arrest of the accused who were allegedly being protected by the Local MLA of the area, Nirmal Singh.

Paramjit Singh Kainth, President of the National scheduled castes alliance, which is leading the hunger strike with the families, said “These families have been made helpless and forced to live like refugees here leaving behind their own villages. All this is due to the inactive approach of the State government which has maintained its trend of leaving the Scheduled Castes community out in cold, shouting and vying for justice and equality. Not just the ruling class is ignorant of their plight but also repeated appeals made to the bureaucracy have resulted futile. The political-bureaucratic nexus has resulted to these families resorting to sit on Hunger strike out in cold of winter to make their appeals heard.”

Kainth further alleged “In the case of Atalan village, the accused landlords are protected by MLA Nirmal Singh; fake cases were registered against the victims under the pressure of the MLA. There has not been any effort on the part of State government or the police to pursue investigation against the accused or provide any relief to the victims.”

“There is tremendous pressure on these poor families, apart from dealing with economic struggles, they are subjected to boycott and discrimination. Families are beaten up by landlords, fake cases are registered, lands are snatched and all this is happening while the State government folds a blind eye towards it and in the current cases, is trying to build pressure of the victim families to accept a compromise and leave their demands against the accused.” Told, Kainth.

“The Committee made for the Welfare of the victims belonging from Scheduled Castes community by the MLAs should take immediate notice of these demands by the families and act swiftly to provide justice to these poor victims. The strike shall continue as long as these demands are not heard and met. “demanded NSCA.

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