Capt Govt’s flip flop on SSA/RMSA teachers’ issue, a great betrayal: Principal Budhram Chandigarh, March 9

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MLA and chief of the party’s Core Committee, principal Budhram has described Captain Amarinder Singh government’s decision on SSA/RMSA teachers as disenchanting, stating that the U-turn on their ‘choice postings’ was a great betrayal on its part.

In a statement issued in Chandigarh here on Saturday, principal Budhram said that the government’s dictatorial decisions, one after the other, on issues and concerns, have left many shock-shelled. He said that in the SSA/RAMSA teachers case, the government first indulged in coercing the agitating teachers into accepting regularization condition – with a quantum cut, offering them a posting of their choice and then subsequently backtracking on its commitments, Budhram said.

The AAP leaders further added that it was a matter of shock and surprise that the government backtracked on the promises made to the aggrieved SSA/RAMSA teachers to whom the recent move had came as the shot of a sledge hammer proving double whammy for those who took the plunge.

Budhram said that the government’s dubious design to target the teachers who opted the terms and conditions of appointment under ‘duress’ with a whopping cut, much against the wishes of their peers, had been left to face the music for no fault of theirs, AAP leader said.

The AAP MLA decried the government’s decision, stating that it tantamount to backstabbing the teachers for their audacity not to fall in the line and perform under its whims and fancies. The move of the government to browbeat the teachers to succumb to their pressure tactics was aimed at teaching the teachers a lesson, Budhram said.

Budhram said that the government should not adopt repressive measures against the harried teachers so that could devote their quality time in the classrooms than taking the road route for the acceptance of their demands. He said that it was due to the sheer adhocism on the part of the government that the education set up had taken a beating. Budhram said the government should immediately review its decision on SSA/RMSA teachers thereby helping restore the crumbling education set up back on the track.

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