There have been a mentality amongst us, when we complain about the expensive items in our country. But, what if you find the places that offers you more items to purchase in the similar amount of rupees. There are countries which offers you the similar comfort at lesser price. Let’s know more about these countries.
1. Bolivia: 1 INR = 0.11 Boliviano
Hotels in Bolivia are very cheap, so if you plan on heading there for a bit of having some lone time, you should not delay.
2. Pakistan: 1 INR = 1.58 Pakistani Rupee
In a country like Pakistan, along with other services real estate is also very affordable here. Food, hotels and tourism is comparatively more cheaper in Pakistan.
3. Zimbabwe: 1 INR = 5.85 ZWD
Zimbabwe has a currency where 1.00 INR is equal to 5.85 Zimbabwe dollars, making this a pretty cheap in terms of affordability.
4. Costa Rica: 1 INR = 8.15 Colons
In Costa Rica, 1 INR is the same as 8.15 Costa Rican Colons.
5. Cambodia: 1 INR = 63.93 Riel
The currency of Cambodia is 0.015INR to 1 Riel. Staying at the place, food, beverages and drink is cheap and the place is known for its history and culture.
6. Hungary: 1 INR = 4.22 Forint
This country has several options for staying in hotels for as low as ₹ 700 a night – rooms which have a bed, T. V and facilities such as fridge, etc.
7. Japan: 1 Rupee = 1.53 Japanese Yen
If you wish to plan your next vacation in Japan and you love their culture that is by turns beautiful, unfathomable and downright odd. You may stay in the traditional Japanese in–a Ryokan. You may eat the traditional Japanese food of raw fish (sushi) with mountain vegetables, while sitting on the floor on a wooden floor mat.

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