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Rules have been hardened and fastened by the Punjab Government for tightening the bogus immigration companies, under which they have been required to get the license, and the transactions of their every kind of money are being monitored under which, from tomorrow morning, Bird immigration Mohali Phase 10 office and his house where the red-red at the house of Fen 9, Face 10, edged a revolver to 30 foxes in which SDM Khanna Tehsildar Amloh, DC, Bathinda, SDM and DC Mohali have been recovered as many more and cash worth Rs 20 lakh has been recovered. Tomorrow morning from 9:00 am to 12 pm, the company and home of the C-Bird Immigration were searched, out of which all this stuff was recovered. He believes that these companies are Voges businesses, so that they are fooling the common people by fooling to send them out or preparing their documents incorrectly, and receiving them as college and university obesity commission Is doing . The transactions were done by ED on behalf of their money in which these big disclosures have been made, the police has ordered to register a case against the immigration company, which has promptly filed against them.Now, it will be interesting to see that new disclosures are being done every day on behalf of Mohali Immigration Corporation, people are being fooled by the people, they are paying their pockets with Halal’s earnings and are making fun of people outside.Due to the strict vigilance of the police, the transfer has started in Chandigarh and its surrounding area and has started its business again. Now it will be seen that the enforcement department, Punjab Police and the Punjab government take strict vigil against these Bogus immigration companies. So these companies can not play with the hard work of their people and their emotions.

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