Fear in the minds of poor,proving the citizenship is expensive procedure.

A misspelling of name made a person a ‘foreigner’ in his own country, raising question about their citizenship status. This is exactly what happened in Assam post the NRC.
A 5-year-old Saahin Ashwar was misspelt as Sachin Ashwar by the NRC officials and this was enough to knock him out of the Assam NRC — a process initiated to identify illegal foreigners living in Assam. Both his parents have their names in the NRC list but, Saahin’s status as Indian is under a shroud of doubt. Is he an Indian or an illegal migrant?
Another case is that of a lady who has no money to fight in Foreigners tribunal and said “She is left with no option.
“After spending so much money if the government couldn’t come out with an error-free NRC then what’s the use? If the Assamese people can become Bangladeshis and Bangladeshis can prove that they are residents of Assam, the what is the use of living in Assam for so many years? There is no meaning in being the original inhabitants of Assam.”a localite Mulani Bordoloi from Assam .
All these people are poor and illiterates and are completely clueless about the maze of documents needed to prove their citizenship.
The 19 lakh people who haven’t made it to the NRC will end up in foreigners tribunals to claim their Indian citizenship. For most of these people who are poor and illiterate, it means going once again through the complicated process of documentation, hiring a lawyer to represent them in the foreigners tribunal and finally huge costs. Many of them may not be able to afford this anymore. They may just resign to their fate of being stateless and in the process ending up in detention camps.

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