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Involvement of Joint Secretary Rajeev Gupta in Sweepers Scam

The Joint Commissioner of Chandigarh Municipal Corporation, Rajeev Gupta, is being dragged into a sweeper scam. Sanjeev Sharma, the Chairman of Ward No.5, along with other members has demanded Home Secretary, Anurag Agrawal to look into this matter.

Many questions have been raised after this matter came into consideration. Is the scam on the name of Chandigarh sweepers true? How can Chandigarh Municipal Corporation give salary to people who are not their employees?  Sanjeev Sharma, the Chairman of Ward No.5, has brought this matter into the limelight. He is putting allegations on the basis of information he got from RTI. He said that according to the information he got from RTI, there should be around 228 sweepers in Chandigarh city and 40 in Dhanaas. But there are only 10-15 sweepers in his ward.

He also told that he cross-checked the addresses been provided by RTI. He found no person with the same identity living in those addresses. He has questioned that how such scams can take place during the tenure of Joint Commissioner Rajeev Gupta?

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