A good news for all the ladies has came up. The maternity bill which was already passed by the Rajya Sabha in the winter sessionhas got the green flag from the loksabha too on Thursday. Basically is a bill giving benefits to the working ladies who are pregnant. This bill protects them from the leave that they can avail during such time and they will befully paid. Over2 million women will be benefited from this act. It would be better to you to knkw the few salient features of the bill which are as follows.
From the time of appointment of a female employee, this bill is applicable and also the employer should give permission to let her work from home if it is possible. The facilities of creche should be given to them in an organisation where there are more than 50 females and also they may visit the place at least four times to ensure the proper care of the child. Another main feature of the bill is that the female can take a 12 weeks leave who adopts a child below the age of 3 years and also if she is a commissioning mother, the same rule is applicable to her too.
Maternity leave for the first two child of a women is increased from 12 weeks to 26 weeks, a good news. Also, they give birth to the child beyond first two it will remain 12 weeks. So now ladies you need not worry if the law is here to protect ypur rights.

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