In a super-busy and stressful life, hardly anyone takes out time to grant relief to their mind and body. Few are engaged in tiring exercises and others are involved in the gym to get rid of the excessive fat in their body. But have you ever thought about the constant running of mind? It has been in stress since long and we never bother to provide an escape to it from all the worldly tensions and other chaos of life.

Few researchers, in their study have provided us with number of meditation techniques. If you wish to have a peaceful life, you must give them a try.

  1. Metta Meditation: In this meditation technique, you got to sit straight with eyes closed and in mind, think about yourself, your family, friends and think positive thoughts. This will help in generating positivity around yourself.
  2. Focused Meditation: While focusing on a particular thought, you need to sit straight and concentrate only on one thought. This is the most toughest meditation technique and most preferred as well.
  3. Third-eye Meditation: In this meditation technique, you need to sit straight on a ground with eyes closed. Concentrate between the spot of eyes for some time and you will feel paying attention to your thoughts only. All the outer world’s activities will remain outside. This is a universal meditation technique and have been in practice since ages.
  4. Mantra Meditation: In this meditation, again, you need to sit straight on the ground with eyes closed and repeat a mantra concentrating on your breathing process. This will help you feel relax.

Try these techniques which will help you relive.


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