Chandigarh, 27 March – From suicides to social boycott, derogatory remarks to ignorance, the Scheduled Castes community has endured enough in the reign of BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Anti-Scheduled Castes, as they have been since their beginning, RSS and the BJP have always been using the community for its own personal agendas i.e. coming into power and gathering votes. A community which comprises of more than 16.6% of total Indian population has been ignored utterly by the selfish and greedy motives of the BJP Government.Aam Aadmi Party State Vice President Punjab, Paramjit Singh Kainth told “The National Scheduled Castes Commission, made with a view to provide safeguards against the exploitation of Scheduled Castes to promote and protect their social, educational, economic and cultural interests is yet to have its 5th Commission appointed. The posts of Chairman and Vice Chairman have been vacant since 10th and 11th months of 2016 respectively, even the posts of members are also vacant. This shows a blatant Modi Government disregard for poor Scheduled Castes, their concerns and a downright dismissive attitude to the rights-based paradigm.”He also said “A Commission made for the welfare and upliftment of the Scheduled Castes, to fight against the injustice against them and to give them their deserved rights, has vacancies from such a long time and a government which presents itself as the protector and provider of the Scheduled Castes and the poor has completely ignored to fill the posts for effective functioning of the commission. A task which should have been the priority for these so called “Champions of Scheduled Castes” has been left unattended and the only people suffering from this grave lapse of attention are the Scheduled castes of India.”Kainth also criticized the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and its ministers for behaving like the muppets of Modi and not questioning this lapse of action. He also hinted out the ineffective work of Vijay Sampla, the Minister of State.

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