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Kuldeep Kumar : The beautiful women from Punjab and the neighboring states participated in the Mrs India International beauty pageant held in Hayat Regency, Chandigarh. Out of twelve participants, Mrs Neetu Prabhakar won regional, Mrs Isha Mohan and Mrs Ruby Singh bagged first, second position respectively. The winners will be heading towards Mumbai to compete for the crown.
The jury included celebrity Tanisha Mukherjee, singer Deep Mani, model Neelam Garg, director SBP Anu Singla, Kareena Gohi, and others were present at the event. On this event, Tanisha Mukherjee said that all the participants performed well and seeing the supportive family members added to the joy. She congratulated all the participants for doing well and also thanked Carnival entertainment for taking up this initiative and providing Indian women such platform.
Adding to this, Gagan Sharma said that it is a day for double joy as the role of Indian married women is now being recognized in the society as well as setting up of new Carnival entertainment office in the city was matter to feel happy for.

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