ABHILASHA KAPOOR : Cheers to the changing fashion trends on daily basis. Just like the climate and its temperature get an abrupt change, the fashion is going through the same fate. Today it is the straight fit jeans or pants; tomorrow it would be the bellbottoms. So, the fashion gets a change with every now and then.
From the short kurtis to the long ghaghra types of kurti’s , the trend is not setting any example but rendering people mad of what to buy and what not to. So, to be respectful to the fashion designers, let the term be the knee length ethnic wear or the long maxi type summer dresses.
The similar thing goes with the leggings to straight fit plazo’s to wide bottom plazo’s. Which one to buy and which one to leave is the question. After all everyone cannot be Manish Malhotra neither can anyone be best at making choices to be fashionable especially at the cost of being comfortable. At least I can’t!
Recently I bought a printed kurta almost touching the length of my knees. Showing it to the girls around, I came across with an astonished expression. Aajkal to long kurtiska fashion hai, aapne short kyu buy kia (it’s the fashion of long kurtis, why did you buy short one’s). Expressing my concern and humbly asking which colour legging should I wear with the kurta? One of the girls who claim to be the best stylist looked at me with wide eyes making me guilty as if I know nothing of fashion and its on-going trends. Meekly I asked her, if I said something wrong? She retorted back that you should go for the plazo’s as those are in trend and it would make you look fashionable and dapper.
All thanks to her for advising me to go for the wide bottom plazo and look modish. Otherwise I would have opted for the leggings which I think might have gathered more attention than my plazo did. This is all because the wide bottom floor length touching plazo did nothing good but made me little uncomfortable to walk. Offending no one who slays themselves in plazo’s and attracts praises. It was just me who couldn’t win the situation.
Lately do I realise that do what your heart knows you can be the best at. Wear what you feel comfortable in because fashion will keep on changing with the blink of an eye. You would even see your eyeballs rolling on the fashion pages of weekly magazines and newspapers with the changing trends and fashion. But you don’t have to blindly follow the same rather choose your own path.
Whatever the fashion might be, just follow your own instinct, for everyone owns a varied fashion statement and unique style adorning the simplicity.

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