1) Lathmar Holi, Barsana
A place of love, heart, emotions and what not? The unique way of celebrating the festival with lath(Stick) and men from nearby places come at the place to be served by the laths thrown upon them by women. So ladies if you have any sort of anger within you you have a choice and way to yell it out that too with no restrictions.
2)Shigmotsav, Goa
Goa has a rich distinct culture and this place will never allow you to go back empty handed after visiting their once. The festival of shigmotsav at Goa is celebrated no less than a holi with vibrant colors and love.
3) Holla Mohalla, Punjab
When the entire nation celebrates holi Punjab names it as Hola, a way more masculine kind of tincturing to the fest. The horse rides elephant rides, etc are the starring at point.
4) Phoolon wali Holi, Vrindavan
Before holi, the holi with flowers is celebrated way days before at Vrindawan. A place of Lord Krishana and Radhe. This place has uts own vigour and energy. You cannot miss it.

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