In the days of exams, both parents and students go through the stressand pressure. While they ignore its effect on their body and health. Besides the stress needs to be avoided we need to take care the psyche way to avoid stress. Here are certaineffective tips to shun stress and live a positive life.
Before sitting to study you must ensure that you have a proper timetable and plan of study. Another most important thing to do is to have ample sleep. Keep your eating habits good and never forget to drink 7-8 glass of water. There is a mental effect of the place where you study, so decide carefully the proper niche where you sit to study. Calm, peaceful and positive place will do wonders. And also, palying games inbetween will not distract you, but will help your mind to get refreshed and retain learnt matter.
You should keep a good friend circle and do not allow negative to peep into your life. Also, practicing yoga daily will help you remain focused and adds to your concentration level. Take out time to do your refreshing activities and take full balanced diet.
Doing all these will not only help you in getting rid of exam pressure, but intellectually maintains your psyche and mental health. Mind has a spiritual power and it only can be controlled with your proper inner sight.

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