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Conclusions of scientific research are increasingly supporting eternal spiritual truths as handed over to us by sages.
Our purpose here is to use scientific evidence not just to support the existence of spirit, but to come closer to himself, know who he truly is and live stress free life.

This particular article is about how genetics have little influence over health. This is an interesting finding- because we have always been told we are bound by our genetics, and eastern philosophy expounds that we are bound by karma.

So if we can change our genetics we can change our karma. We are infact pre-conditioned beings of our subconscious mind. In simpler words we are creatures of habit. So if we reprogram ourselves, we can change our destiny.

Bruce Lipton, a stem cell researcher at Stanford University, has come up with astounding results that will change the way we look at ourselves.

Genetics have little influence over health: Top stem cell biologist asserts
Bruce Lipton believes 98% of all illness is environmental, while only a mere 2% of disease can be traced to genetic disposition. Working as a stem cell researcher at Stanford University, Lipton uncovered a startling truth: Our genetic composition has very little influence on our health, whereas the impact of chemistry within the body is far-reaching.

The key to unlocking exceptional wellness lies in the subconscious mind. If we can reprogram our habit of thinking negatively, we can actually create a new internal chemistry. This shift holds the possibility of spontaneous healing & vibrant health.

Cells respond to environment, not pre-determined genetic code
During an interview on GreenMed TV, Lipton explored the ramifications of his discovery that ‘genetically identical stem cells will behave differently when placed in varying petri-dish environments’.

Some stem cells will develop into bone cells & others into muscle. It would all depend on the specific chemical environment they are placed in and not the genetic code. He began to connect the dots as to how this would play out in the human body of 50 trillion cells.

The subconscious runs the show
Lipton applied his findings to the environment of the human body, namely, how human chemistry is influenced. He found that the subconscious mind (which controls 95% of our thoughts, actions, beliefs and emotions) is running the chemistry show!

When we have a thought or perception, it sets off a chain of chemical reactions within the body. If the thought is positive, it will foster a related favourable chemical environment – which translates into radiant mental states along with harmonious bodily processes. However, if the thought is negative, stressful or fear-based, bio-chemicals will flood the body-mind system with a message of disease & disharmony, which minimizes immunity & proper functioning of mind-body.

Understandably this is a serious dilemma. Most of our thoughts are unconscious & rooted in the programming we adopted during early childhood.

Deprogramming is possible
Up till age 6, every child is like a sponge, sensitive to subtle information, traits, behavioural responses and importantly conditioning from family & society.

Lipton opines that in the first 6 years of one’s life, there is very little conscious thought. We are literally soaking up everything around us which in turn shapes the way we think.

Unfortunately, most of us adopt beliefs based on negative thinking, a sense of lack & competition. As we turn older, these negative programs not only manifest as ill health, but also financial hardship, mental unease & other life challenges.

A new perception of life is a new life
The secret is to tune into our core programming. The first and most important step is to become mindful of the thoughts swimming around in our heads. Only once we notice our patterns of thinking & the consequent habitual reaction, can we begin to break the cycle. We can choose how to respond, to think and to behave.

The keyword here is full awareness- of our persistent thoughts & emotions. We then can choose a different path which is more life affirming and joyful.

This obviously takes commitment and dedication, but once the process is set in motion and the early programming loosens its grip, life opens up and how!. Lipton says it creates “heaven on earth”.

Vitality & health return and happiness soars, as problems fall by the wayside. Moreover, Lipton declares that miracles begin to manifest when we have full control of our consciousness. Spontaneous healing is just one example.

Not bad for a little infusion of awareness into our daily lives.

–Inder Sidhu
Founder, Inlighten Global Foundation


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