The scientists of University College London, UK have been investigating the apprehensions of having a life on earth in early years since long and have been experimenting on various stones and mountains and at several places. Now, the studies have proven that there was a life on Earth just afterit was formed. Millions of year before when the earth was just formed, there existed a life which is known as an ancient life. The life was being represented by the tiny filament on the stone at the place. The scientists have found a microbe which is as small as one tenth of the human hair. And this study gives rise to more contemplations in myminds that there was a life which may further reveal more truths of the succession. This discovery will answer the most important question oflife that — where does life comesfromand why we people are here?
These are considered the time’s best discovery as the fossil structures found here are something great thing to experiment upon. They further investigation will give rise to the stable views from experts regarding the life, that either that’s just a biological truth or some more layers of truths are there?The professor of UCL have said that this entails along with it the thing that the organisms which were alive then and didn’t breathe oxygen and as the changing situations gave rise to oxygen components with the passage of time those organisms either ended or a few got habitual to the changed environment and it was at the beginning of sedimentary rocks.
The rocks on which the early life’s evidence were found are known to be million yearsold and those are also known to be of time when the Mars is believed to have liquid on its surface and also had similar situations like earth at that time. The discovery is said to give rise to many debates and arguments within experts and scientists about the life on earth.

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