We all are very much aware of how the powerful and laborious state of India, Punjab is under a grip of drugs. Not only that the supervision of administration there over the drug de-addiction centres too has become pathetic that it end up giving the people in drug de-addiction centres a mental and physical torture. In a survey conducted by the Dayanand Medical College, it reveals that in the centres the condiis pity and also there is no proper infrastructure as well as resources to cope with the situation.
According to sources, one of a staff member Dr. Vikram Gupta, professor of Dayanand Medical College has told that the centres are not equipped with trained people and thus he said that only few group of people register a society and are running it. Rather it must be equipped with specialists, psychiatrist and psychologist.
Also, he said that these drug addicts are left under pathetic conditions and are mostly left on their conditions. These centres are not even equipped with separate rooms for male and female drug addicts. These centres are not even inspected by the authorities and are not conducted according to the set norms and rules. Undoubtedly the drug menace in thte state have been rising at a great pace and the major hand is of political system. The relatives does complaints regarding the inhumane treatment of drug addicts at the centres. The centres charge heavy fees from people in an attraction of getting them rid of drugs, but end up torturing them.

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