Not all women notice these unexpected signs in her husband or boyfriend. Here we bring to you some secrets that may help you find out if your man is loyal or is cheating on you, watch out on these signs in your relationship:

  1. He uses his phone too often: Your man spends a lot of time on his phone and carries it everywhere he goes (even the washroom). And he also refuses to reveal his phone password with you.
  2. He is avoiding being alone with you: He is quite likely having an affair, if he avoids being alone in one room with you. He will feel uncomfortable while being alone with you if he has done something wrong.
  3. He gives a lot of explanations:When he’s hiding something, he will already have all the details to cover it up. And the detail pours out with just a simple what’s going on. His explanations might as well sound rehearsed because that’s how it is.
  4. Trust your gut feeling:When you have an intuition that your man is cheating on you then probably its true. According to a study it is said that one can guess when their partner is cheating on them. And you will want to go by the gut even though you cannot pinpoint any exact evidence.
  5. Deleting his texts: These days people hardly delete text messages from phone but if your man is doing that, then there is surely something fishy about it.
  6. You will get many compliments: If he tells you that you look stunning in some look or attire which you have had since long and also what he hated earlier, then ladies your man is seeing someone and just being sweet to you to distract you.

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