Stop Before You Imagine

Stop Before You Imagine

If you can see it, you can create it! This is true for your moods, your life situations and your destiny. Take a moment, sit down and imagine yourself flying over the blue oceans, over the snow peaked mountains to the Swiss alps with green rolling hills, now over to the vast African jungles looking down at herds of elephants, tigers, and lions, and now over to the cold frozen icebergs in the Arctic and come back to where you started. Within minutes you travell around the world,creating your reality, experiencing the spectacular views and returned refreshed and inspired. This is imagination, God’s gift to us so we can create magic in our lives.

Stop Before You Imagine

No one wants to live in bits and bites, we want it all, when we want it andon our own terms. We want full power, not ten, not fifty, but full 100 percent, not tomorrow orlater but today and now.The good news is that we can access this power instantly using a special technique.

There are many ways to imagine. Kids imagine all the time, but are not aware of what they are imagining. Some adults daydream,again without much awareness, this is entertaining but not effective to create big changes or outcomes. Others set new intentions and goals but have strong underlying negative belief systems that contradict and make it impossible to create new outcomes. To shift, create or meet obstacles and challenges in health, wealth or relationships, or to find answers, or invent positive solutions we NEED to do two things, first; empty our mind and second, use our imagination deliberately and consciously.

Imagination instantly creates reality with words you speak, for example, when you say “I knew it would go wrong, I am not lucky”, or even something as simple as “I know I won’t be able to sleep tonight.” These commands come true as we have the power to manifest our world with our word.The result of using imagination poorly is an instant drop in mood, anxiety, tightness or restlessness, and so on.When you imagine pain in your ankle, or in any other part of the body even after it has been healed,your imagination can trigger the memory of that pain and even though it is not there, you start to feel it. This is your powerful imagination at work. People who worry have a lot of imagination, they are just not aware of their powers. Remember tomorrow will be what you create today.

Albert Einstein, was an average student, who decided to translate God’s mind intoa single equation. He meditated, took long walks to empty his mind and from a strong intention and a free flow of imagination,birthed ground-breaking theories. Many years later, he still rules our world. You too can empty your mind and look into God’s mind to create magic in your life.

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