We have been listening the stories of mind boggling things that people in love do. But have you ever wondered to travel on bicycle just for your love? No? Then let’s meet a person who did this amazing adventure just to get his love back in his life. And then it was a history that their love story was written in a book. P. K. Mahanandia who is native of Delhi was only 24 years old in 1977, when he traveled to Europe for his soulmate. This story was then taken by the author Per J. Andersson to write his novel which went best-selling.
Mahanandia was working as a sketch artist in Connaught place in Delhi when he met Charlotte Von Schedvin in 1974. She visited the place as a tourist and he claimed to make a portrait in 10 minutes charging ₹10,thus thought of testing the claim and getting herself portraited. But out of his anxiety, he couldn’t make the sketch better that day and she came next day to get a perfect portrait.
He couldn’t make the perfect picture due to the reason his mother told him about his wife. She once told him that she would be a taurus and would come from far away land. He sensed her to be the same person and they traveled to odisha after which girl went back to Sweden, Europe. Only after her departure, he tried to earn mone, but failed. His art helped him and he purchased a bike of ₹60. He started his journey in January and reached there in May. Then there was no stoppage and they finally met. (Image Courtesy:

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