For everyone marriage is a big thing to think upon. According to zodiac signs everyone has their set priorities in life to get married. If you too wish to know the right age when you will get married, following list will help you with.

  1. ARIES: People with this sign lack a lot of patience level and thus tries to do everything as soon as possible. So, on that basis, many people rush into marrying when they’re tired of waiting for love. People with this sign generally marry when they are 25-26 years old.
  2. GEMINI: Gemini’s are the moody people who are confused and solved. They deal with two different things because of their twin sides. Gemini’s best age to get married is after 30’s.
  3. TAURUS: People with this sign are totally blessed with patience and they can wait for someone who can truly respect and love them. Hence, for them 30’s is the best option.
  4. LEO: People with Leo sign are having a cool tag and these signs mostly indulge into long-term relationship. Thus, Leo’s have been said to be living happily ever after only if they get married in their early 40’s.
  5. CANCER: If the people with this sign are in love in their early 20’s and if everything is going pretty well, then getting married at a young age is obvious. But majorly, the one who is yet to discover someone special should get married after 25’s.
  6. VIRGO: People with this sign are mostly career oriented and the best age for Virgo’s to tie the knot is 26 -28.
  7. LIBRA: Librarians’ is simple and they generally comprise thing. In the walks of marriage, the best age is early 20’s.
  8. SCORPIO: Scorpions’ is very possessive in nature and they want things in a fast forward manner. But, for them early marriages may cause unhappiness in life. So, the best time to get married to them is after 30’s.
  9. SAGITTARIUS: Research says that before marriage, they wish to explore the places and enjoy their life to the fullest. They want their own space and time to figure out things in their life and thus, for them getting married in the 40’s is the best.


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