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There have been very shameful incidents of the recent two rape rape in the country. In Kathua of Jammu and Kashmir, an eight-year-old girl was brutally murdered after the rape and in the case of this gang, the BJP ministers came to protest against the accused’s interests. According to the police report, this rape was done to frighten and create a fear in the Muslim community in this area. In Unnao in Uttar Pradesh, a Nabalik alleged that BJP MLA and his goons raped her. Here, even after the complaint of the BJP MLA, the police did not hear any of the complaints even after complaining to the police, and an attempt was made by the father to self-sacrifice in front of the Chief Minister’s house for justice. From where his father is picked up with the charges by the police, and he dies in police custody! In this case, the investigation has started, and in what circumstances did he die? Surprisingly, the BJP is in power in both of these states! On being aware, we searched about these incidents and a list of rape came to light, some of which came from BJP politicians. Let’s face you with their fierce …….. 1 The case of rape against former Delhi BJP MLA Vijay Jolly has been registered as a woman has alleged that she forcibly raped her by giving her drug. 2. In another case, a 24-year-old woman, including four local BJP leaders, was allegedly gangraped by 10 people in Kutch district of Gujarat. The accused was allegedly forced to prostitution by the accused, who blackmailed the victim after filing rape 3 Maharashtra BJP leader and party spokesman Madhu Chavan, who was accused of raping a former party worker, had filed a rape case on Tuesday by a woman, who had alleged that she had been a legislator prior to the last 20 years. , But she did not fulfill the promise of marrying her. The woman has said that former Maharashtra MLA Chavan, Since 1993, there were sexual harassment on the pretext of marriage. 4. Only a day before the elections for the Chhattisgarh assembly, allegations of rape against BJP legislator and former health minister Krishnamurthy Bondi have surfaced. Shri Bandi is a candidate from Bilaspur district’s Mussoorum. The complaint was made by a woman who was later found to be burnt in mysterious circumstances inside the premises of Mr. Bandvi’s associate and former judge RR Bhardwaj. 5. Former Dehradun Co-operative Bank President and former BJP leader Pramod Gupta was sentenced to life imprisonment by a local court in a five-year rape case. 6. On May 29, a local BJP leader from Gujarat was arrested for allegedly molesting a 13-year-old girl on an Indigo Airlines flight from Ahmedabad. The accused is Ashok Makvana, a local BJP leader and labor contractor at Gandhinagar. 7. Delhi health minister Harshvardhan’s reputation was at stake, whose official bungalow came for domestic help, Usha, is raped twice by two people. After which she also gave birth to a child, then the claim to have her DNA tested was also presented. 8: Uttarakhand police on Saturday filed complaint against Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Harak Singh Rawat for allegations of rape and harassment. According to the report, a 32-year-old woman filed a complaint in Safdarjung police station in New Delhi. A woman living in Assam had alleged in her complaint that Rawat exploited her in a sexual relationship two years ago. 9. A BJP leader from Madhya Pradesh and five others including a woman were arrested in connection with alleged sexual assault and smuggling with a minor girl of Assam. 10. Bhopal: A 21-year-old woman in Balaghat district of Madhya Pradesh claimed in the police station on Thursday that she was raped by the nephew of the local BJP leader inside the party office. This incident happened on 17th November. The alleged accused has been identified by the police as Sivas Awadhiya. After the black act of these BJP leaders, Modiji should save his daughter, instead of the daughter, the son should be the leader of the reform leader. What is your opinion about this complete information? Let us know by commenting in the comment box

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