Every person has a distinct way to sit and walk. We all are different and thus we all carry our uniqueness beautifully. But, have you ever imagined that your way of walking and sitting tellsa different story about us. Also, the way you communicate with other too have number of secrets the way you own a personality. You can know it from the following points.
When you sit with the crossed legs on the ground, the position is said to tell that you are a person with open mind and live carefree. Whatever people think and say about you, you are least bothered about it. And if you fold your arms, it is said that a person ishaving angry nature and cry out so often. And if you sit kneeling down it reflects your aggressive nature.
While, sitting erect and crossing your ankles with each other says that you are more confident than others. While crossing legs with each other have a different story to tell about you. If you are habitual of sitting like that, it says that either you are unconfident about yourself or unsure of anything. This also says that you are more likely to gain attention from your loved ones if you sit like this. So, now you may easily make out what kind of personality youcarry.

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