We have witnessed cases of people who get worried regarding the nationality of the child who takes birth on an Aeroplane. And we all know that in every country has their own set rules and regulations regarding the fixation of the nationality of the baby who takes birth in aeroplane. But the question is ‘who shall govern the air?’
Let’s take an example that an American pregnant lady boards a German plane to land at Maldives. While the plane was crossing the Pakistan, the baby took birth. Though, the baby was born but the citizenship of the baby is still under uncertainty. Under various laws of nation, there are several options.
1) He might be a citizen of the nation, his/her parents belongs to.
2) The owner of the plane he was born in.
3)The country in the air of which he was born. Though, there are no such claims that air could be divided among countries. But, from the the plane was going through, he might be a citizen og the same.
4) The country where the plane was supposed to be land or its destination country.
The question is still under suspicion and nobody had framed a perfect solution to the problem till now.

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