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Why Kiran Well Paid Parking Case Quiet On ??? : Bansal

In protest against large rates of paid parking, the Congress party performed outside the municipal corporation in which the former Railway Minister Pawan Bansal said that for the financial condition of the municipal corporation at present, the BJP and MP Kiran are responsible and responsible for the general public. With the increase in the parking rate, what has happened in the excesses, Pawan Bansal, while questioning the question marks, said, “Why is Kiran silent in this matter? Bansal further said that during the tenure of the Congress, Chandigarh’s plan was passed in the budget of 813 crores in 2014. It is falling every year during the BJP regime and also the planning of the new tax on the name of Smart City. Also in this exhibition, along with Pawan Bansal, Subhash Chawla, Anita Sharma, HS Lucky, Harmel Kesari, Luv Kumar, Yadavwinder Mehta and Kamlesh Kumari were also present.

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