Why The Very Idea of Detention Camp is Dangerous For The Nation

Since NRC came ,the talk of the town is the social discrimination among the different religions and the youth protesting against it.
19 lakhs people have been excluded from final version of National Registrar of Citizen (NRC)in Assam.

The Question Here Arises is – What is Next?

As per our Prime Minister ,there are no detention camps but the irony is that there are some detention camps already made and some are under construction.
India has it’s Detention Center located in Goalpara district, Assam. It is India’s first (and largest) Detention center for illegal immigrants.
Though,the center has mentioned not to mix the detainees with the jail inmates-what will follow after this, should be questioned and needs attention .

Detention Centers- Breeding Ground for Criminals.

Camp Bucca ,detention facility maintained by the US military is the greatest example of how detention centers became training ground for Islamic extremism, and contributed to the emergence of the ISIS and terrorism.Al – Baghdadi is the example which can teach our Nation a lesson as how he planned and intern the youth to indulge in major crime terrorism scenes and used detention camps for such plannings.
The people excluded from the list will no more be able to work and earn for themselves thus giving their free minds to wonder as it is said ” Empty mind is a devil’s house”.Right now these people are earning bread and butter on their own and are not liable to the nation.
Extensive sexual slavery, organized rape, floggings, and systematic executions,terrorist activities and massacres will become their part of life as in experienced in Camp Bucca ,Al Baghdadi Head of ISIS. He embraced brutality as part of the organization’s propaganda efforts, producing videos displaying sexual slavery and executions via hacking, stoning, and burning. Crime scenes will be common in these camps. Criminals therefore have no religion. Crime rate will increase irrespective of any religion.Drug addictions,rapes,sexual violence would become a part of their daily life.

This matter now,is not only about Hindu ,Muslims

The youth of whole India joined hands to protest against the Citizen Amendment Act (CAA) which seeks to amend the definition of illegal immigrant for Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist and Christian immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who have lived in India without documentation.The petitioners say the Bill discriminates against Muslims and violates the right to equality enshrined in the Constitution.
From 19 lakhs detainees from Assam are Hindus,Muslims and other religions too.
The fact that these people ,those who won’t be able to prove their Indian citizenship will be transferred to the detention centers.

Who will feed them?

A part of budget will be kept for these people and indirectly the common people (31.1 million) those included in NRC will finance .The taxes given for the development of the country will somehow used for building detention camps and feeding the people who failed to prove their citizenship.
And the economic crises of India is not hidden from anybody, anymore specially after demonetisation.
GDP continues it’s downward spiral for the seventh consecutive quarter.
And now all the tax payers must think of where their money is going to be invested.
For building detention centers,not the schools or hospitals.
The fight is not between Hindus and Muslims but the agendas and the practices BJP promised in their manifesto.
Nation was yet to understand NRC ,CAA the BJP leaders now came up with National Population Register ( NPR) which will cost the Nation 8500 crores. Amit Shah is convincing the people that it is not at all linked with the NRC but it is mentioned in the annual report given by the ministry of home affairs that – “NPR is the first step towards creation of NRC”.
This whole controversy is not only the reason as why the whole country is varsh in anger but because of the other issues which the government should work on -unemployment issues ,economic crises are few of them.
If NRC will applied to whole of the India,it will cost thousands of crores .

This also ends with the question – Is India ready to invest in such non productive activity?

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