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We travel from one place to another daily only through one route, that is, by road. And we all have in some way or the other got this in mind that why those black and white lines are made on the road when the route is defined and well managed? Well, only being known with the straight route is not enough and thus we need to follow certain rules to abide in order to ensure our safety and others protection on road as well.
Particularly in a country like ours, India needs more laws to let people lead their life much better without effecting others stake. But, everywhere we go the strokes are made in a varied manner. Here’s few types of lines that the roads offer you with and the reason and meaning of the lines.
Thedoublewhitelineonroadmeansthatwehavetomaintainthelaneandnotallowedtochangetherouteifthelaneifdoubleormore.Sometimes the lane is broken which means that you can change the route but being utmost careful while doing so due to high traffic. Then there we see yellow lines as well which means we cannot overtake beyobd that level, but then in a state like Telangana the overtakeis totally banned. And if you see broken yellow lines that indicates that you need to be cautious while walking through it. And many more.
India is a country where people do not love to follow rules and ultimately end up not only losing their life but affecting other’s as well. If we take the situations of foreign land, the people there are much concious with regards to everyone’s safety. So, Indians leave yourattitude of being careless and start being more alert and responsible citizen of our country.

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